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CLIPPER Macchine Agricole In Vendita

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Stock# 4029; Bulk Seed Cleaner; Tubular Steel Frame; Inlet Feed Hopper; Heavy Duty 1-1/2" Eccentric Shaft, Drive and Counterbalance; Scotch-Ply Shoe Hangers; 3 Screens 24-1/2" x 22-1/4" Flows included: scalp, scalp, sift or scalp, split-sift; Ball Tray Screen Cleaning; Adjustable Bottom Air - Bot...

Offerta di apertura: USD $100
Offerta attuale: Aperto a: Numero di offerte:
L'offerta apre: lun 6 apr 2020 17:00 (CDT)
Tempo restante: 9 Giorni 5 Ore
Salinas, Puerto Rico, Stati Uniti


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Clipper AGM 224 seed cleaner purchased at the end of 2015. I no longer have a use for it so it is being sold. It will clean seed at a surprising pace. One of the pictures shows the sales order with standard and additional options. It has 2 screens when operating but was ordered with 3. One is a s...

in vendita: EUR € 4.099

Brookings, Oregon, Stati Uniti 97415


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